I love going to conventions, meeting people, doing awesome (and occasionally questionable) panels, and maybe selling some of my crap along the way. I’ve been doing conventions for years, first as an attendee, then a vendor, and now a panelist and occasionally a guest, and they’re one of the highlights of my year.

Unfortunately, I’m perpetually poor and rarely make any money at these, so “Guest Status” (aka a place to sleep that isn’t my car, and maybe a little gas and food money) is really helpful. As an added bribe incentive for conventions to invite me, I am hereby offering to make a custom Faux Servo for each convention that invites me and at least meets me part of the wayto do with as they please – keep it, give it away, auction it for charity, raffle it off – it’s up to you.

Webcomic Panels I Offer:


 Webcomics 101

  • A crash course in the world of webcomics for the uninitiated.  Whether you’re a fan of a mainstream webcomic looking to expand your favorites list or a would-be webcomicker trying to break into the business.  Will review (briefly) several sources to find webcomics, methods to distribute webcomics, painting programs, and general tricks and tips.
  • Runs an hour.
  • Significantly more informative than How NOT To, but also less funny.
  • A whiteboard is always a good thing, but not required.  Will also bring my own materials, like handouts.

How NOT To Make a Webcomic

  • The classic “How NOT To” panel.  I humorously describe the 10 most common traps that new webcomics fall into, and (if possible) how to correct them.
  • Runs an hour.
  • Requires a white board if possible.  Usually good to have a second person to “reign me in”.
  • While informative, is generally played for humor.  Lots of bravado, shouting, jumping around.

How NOT To “Failalong!”

  • An add-on to the How NOT To panel.  Adam and (insert name here) take the How NOT To principles to their logical extreme and try to design (and draw) the worst possible webcomic they can imagine.  Using a mix of their own bad ideas and prompts from the audience, the comic will be outlined and then the audience will be turned loose to draw it to the best of their abilities.  The end result will then be uploaded to a comic host (incognito) to see if anybody is willing/able to read it.
  • Runs an hour, could be extended to two.  Should also be programmed AFTER How NOT To, although does not need to be immediately after it.
  • Will *really* need a whiteboard.
  • Humorous, significanly interactive

I’m also open to the usual array of webcomic panels, especially if it’s anything involving humor, writing, pop culture, and general abject failure.

Not Webcomic Specific


A Brief History of Giant Robots

  • The “official” pitch is: “From their humble beginnings in the 1960s to the massive over-the-top epics of today, lend us your burning fighting spirit for a panel full of rocket punch throwing, laser firing, combining, transforming Giant Robot Awesomeness”.  This panel is a love-letter to giant robots written by someone who has too many giant robots to count. 
  • Runs an hour.
  • Features a powerpoint presentation and video, so a video room is usually a good idea.  A whiteboard couldn’t hurt either.
  • Informative, with some humor.

A Not-So-Brief History of Giant Robots

  • This panel was born “accidentally” at Tora-Con 2010 when a different Giant Robot panelist failed to show and I hijacked his panel while slightly drunk and with none of my materials.  The “Not So Brief History” is essentially the same as the regular panel, but with a lot more material – like a detailed explaination of what the hell was going on in Neon Genesis Evangellion and rants about the fat guy from Getter Robo who dies repeatedly.
  • At least 90 minutes, has been known to run long (record so far was nearly 2 hours)
  • This panel is a lot less formal, much funnier, and a lot more “mature”… so it should probably be programmed at night, maybe as the last thing in a room… or paired with the next suggestion.

Cinematic For The People / The Bad Video Show

  • I’ve always been fascinated by the late night video shows like Anime Hell… but I wanted to make something that a) wasn’t locked to just Anime conventions, and b) distanced itself from the whole “Hell” name by offering something above and beyond the usual offering of bad anime clips.
  • This year’s feature is the Joseph Lai movie Space Transformers (the movie is so bad, IMDB doesn’teven have an entry for it… but here’s a write-up).  The movie may be edited down a little bit because… well… it’s long, loud, and ultimately pointless.  The movie is also public domain.
  • During the movie, I will be riffing on it ala MST3K.  In between segments of the movie, to preserve the sanity of the audience, I’m planning on doing a few “host segments” too, showing a mixture of  clips and doing a couple of small skits.  These may be employing at least one of my Faux Servos to help.
  • A video room and a late night slot is a must for this, as some of the commentary… and videos… may be more than slightly risque.  If your convention doesn’t do “adult” material, I can tone it down to meet your needs.
  • This should be a great pairing opposite a dance/ball/masquerade/costume contest.