Cast pages are always crap.  People fill them out with the best of intentions, but after a few weeks… months… years of a comic, new characters come in and old characters get phased out, situations change, and you’re left with a list of characters that is either completely irrelevant or at the best just plain old.

Ours is no different.

Ok, ours is going to try and be different, but no promises.

The biggest advantage that the AoD cast page has over other cast pages is my extensive use of “tags” which let you quickly navigate to any and (if I’ve done it right) all comics featuring that individual.  This way, even if the info here in the cast page isn’t the most up-to-date thing in the world, their tag will take you to all their relevent work.

Additionally, each Wednesday (starting mid-2010) I’m releasing a “Character Sheet” of a character.  Written half-in half-out universe from the perspective (mostly) of the character, it has a decent amount of info.  Hypothetically.

Apple Valley

Arthur Castle – Character Sheet

Arthur, known as Art to his friends, is a mild-mannered advertising artist who accidentally unleashed The Apple of Discord into the world after it was carefully gotten rid of a few centuries ago.  The Apple has since decided he and it are special friends and has been making his life interesting as only a chaos-powered fruit of destruction can.

Art is the eldest of three siblings (Arthur, Connie, and Doyle) – yes, his parents were Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, and he doesn’t like to talk about it.  He became friends with Steve and Fletcher while in elementry school, and now lives next door to Steve as he recovers his life following his extended coma.  Art is in a serious, long term, and occasionally very complicated relationship with Leaf.

Art does not have any “powers” in the traditional sense, but is a gifted “user” – he has an innate understanding of any technology (and magical devices) he touches, and many devices (like the prophecy spellbook and The Apple itself) allow him to use them even if he isn’t technically supposed to be able to.

Leaurasarash “Leaf” Aralafea – Character Sheet

Leaf is an elf from the magical “Fantasy” dimension next door to the “Human” world.  She is revealed to be a half-breed between one of the fey Tolkien-esque “pretty” elves and the practical short tree-based cookie elves, resulting in an appearance almost exactly like a human, but with pointy ears (and serious baking skills).

Leaf escaped with Arthur to the human realm shortly after the door between the two worlds was opened the first time and has remained (more or less) ever since.  The only literate elf in her tribe, she has taken a serious liking to the human world’s collection for books, and has been barred twice from the Apple Valley library for not returning things.

Leaf is capable of using elven magic, although it is significantly less powerful in the non-magic-based human realm.  She has also started teaching Art, although he is only capable of using magic via a wand or other device.

Doyle Castle – Character Sheet

Doyle is Art’s younger accident-prone brother.  Doyle was plauged by visions as a child, leading him to be labeled as potentially crazy.  Unlike Art, who has embraced the existance of pan-dimensional realities, gods, monsters, and other things that go bump in the night, Doyle tends to dismiss most of them as being halucinations resulting from his medication not being adjusted properly… even when other people see them too.

Doyle is best friends and roommates with the suspiciously criminal Horn, who continuiously tries (and fails) to exert a corrupting influence on the normally innocent Doyle.  Doyle also worked as a lab assistant for Doctor Hubris, where his skills were highly prized, however he has relinquished this position after the destruction of Hubris Labs.

Due to one of Dr Hubris’ experiments, Doyle accidentally gained the ability to multiply himself at will.  All the collective Doyles are vaguely aware of things that happen to one another, but there does not appear to be a strong psychic or physiological link between them, allowing Hubris to experiment (and often kill) copies of Doyle during his experiments.  There are a few notable Repli-Doyles that also appear in the comic as seperate entities from the main “Master” Doyle.

  • Super-Doyle – The result of one of Dr Hubris’ experiments, this Doyle can transform (in an homage to Dragonball Z) into a blonde-haired version of Doyle that can fly and has super-strength.  So far, all he’s been seen doing is fleeing, which may also mean he has super-self-preservation skills.
  • Cinematic “Red” Doyle – a Doyle wearing Art’s old shirt has started doing the not-in-the-same-continuity Cinematic For The People comics with Horn.  Word of God states this is a different Doyle than the main continuity one.

Augustus Horn – Character Sheet

Known only by his last name, Horn is a Canadian ex-pat who fled to Apple Valley to avoid some legal mess that he entirely is responsible for.  He is a hard-drinking, womanizing, Dodge Omni-driving, trouble-making machine… or at least he fancies himself as one.  The sad truth is that Horn, who is not that bright, isn’t nearly as good at crime as he thinks that he is.  Or as good with the ladies.  Or money.  Or anything, really.  In fact, Horn is so stupid a zombie once passed on eating his brain due to the fact that it wasn’t worth the effort.

Horn lives with – and this should be read as “lives off of” – his best buddy Doyle.  He also considers himself friends with Art and Leaf, although Art has frequently voiced a dissenting opinion on this belief.  He was romantically attached to Jenny Hubris at one point, however this may have been a ploy on her part to irritate her father.

Horn briefly had suspiciously Zalgo-esque powers (tentacles… EVERYWHERE!), however Jenny these powers away using the Apple of Desire.  He has also been shown capable of breaking and entering into other people’s comics, although almost always by accident.  And once he turned into a centaur, though it appears it didn’t take.

Dr. Antonio Hubris – Character Sheet

Dr Hubris was once a respected (and sane) college professor working towards tenure and one of those jackets with the elbow patches.  Then love, followed by loss, followed by a bit of insanity, drove him from the classroom to the lab where he took over a vacancy in the research department and blossomed into the mad genius he is today.

Doc Hubris was married, once, to a wife who is missing and presumed to be dead.  He has a daughter… sort of… in the form of Jenny, who may or may not be a clone of Jenny Everywhere.  He once employed Doyle, but currently has a clone of Asimov working for him.

Hubris’ inventions tend to do exactly what they’re supposed to do – for better or worse – and there’s almost nothing he can’t do with science.  Almost.  Hubris’ inventions eventually caught up with him, as a previous experiment of his destroyed his lab and bankrupted him in mid-2009.  He’s currently rebuilding his empire, and is using the Apple Valley branch of Copy King as his temporary base of operations.

Fletcher Mills – Character Sheet

During “The Event” in 1993, Fletcher was caught along a divide between the Human and Elven worlds, splitting his mind into two seperate identities who share the same body.  Fletcher is a positive, assertive, upbeat professional violinist by day, while his alter ego eventually developed into the cynical, sarcastic, and occasionally murderous “The Archer“, a bow-and-arrow wielding vigilante.

Fletcher went to school with and is still friends with Arthur.  He was friends with Steve, however Steve’s coma put sizable distance between the two and he is having difficulty reconnecting with his old friend.  He shares a house with a variety of stereotypical webcomic cliches which his roommate Mark sublet their spare rooms to.

The Archer is friends with Sir Vivor, and the two often go “hunting” together, seeking out bad webcomic cliches (or in Vivor’s case, generally irritating people on the internet) to punish/kill.  The Archer, being a metafictional construct, is also “frienimies” with the unnamed Webcomic Artist featured in the How NOT To series of side-comics.

Fletcher has no powers, aside perhaps for an unusual tolerance for stupidity.  Once his buffer is full, he transforms (often against his will) into The Archer.  The Archer has the power to cross dimensional, as well as conceptual, lines, allowing him to enter other comics, genres, or even the real world to dole out justice.  He also has the ability to grow a beard at will, which is usually (but not always) how he differentiates himself from the Fletcher identity.

Sir Edwin Vivor – Character Sheet

Sir Vivor, or just Edwin to his friends, is the last knight of the once noble Kingdom of Redshirtia.  When the human world was seperated from the fantastic Elf world, the expendable humans left behind during the transition became the Knights of Redshirtia, and were chosen to guard the border between worlds and protect the sacred resting place of The Apple of Discord (along with all the other oft-problematic Apples that cropped up over time, like The Apple of Desire and The Apple of Chaos).  Unfortunately, since The Apple escaped, the knights (what there was left of them, anyway) have disbanded, leaving Sir Vivor the last knight and sole protector of the kingdom.

Sir Vivor reports directly to King Sofa, the last human king left in the elf-and-goblin dominated world.  He is friends with The Archer, and the two often go hunting together, Vivor taking advantage of The Archer’s pandimensional abilities.  He also became friends… or at least collaborators… with Jenny Hubris during the “Apple of Chaos” incident.  Also, despite the fact that Vivor’s stated goal is to “contain the Apple of Discord at all costs”, it was he who used his “one free wish” from The Apple of Desire to restore The Apple of Discord to it’s full power.

Sir Vivor wears magically enchanted armor that was originally designed to protect him from the powers of The Apple of Discord.  It has also proven useful, as it protects him from various other magical harm, like frequently being set on fire.

Steve Conners – Character Sheet

Steve fell into a coma in 1993 shortly after a marathon watching of The Super Mario Bros movie with Arthur.  Arthur then spent the next 15 years trying various different – sometimes very different – methods to bring Steve back.  Eventually, he was successful, with Steve regaining full function in 2008 – to find that his family had all moved on, he was virtually broke, and he had neither a high school diploma nor a drivers license.  He has since moved in next door to Arthur, who is helping him get back on his feet.

Steve is good friends with Arthur and Leaf, and has a strained-but-strengthening friendship with Fletcher (he does not realize Fletcher and The Archer are the same person, though).  He has an older-brother sort of relationship with Gabbie, bonding with her through their mutual lack of understanding of the world.  Horn and Mark both try and take advantage of Steve’s lack of modern savvyness.

Despite the fact that Steve missed most of the internet’s history, both before and after his coma Steve displayed a unique knack for electronics, to the point of potentially being a low level technomancer.  This has gotten much better/worse since his coma, in part due to the mysterious circuimstances surrounding his return.  Also, Steve does not sleep anymore (or when he does, it’s only for very brief periods of time), but argues that it’s because he’s “had enough for quite a while”.  There is a sinister secret here, you’ll get to it soon enough.