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Leaping Into Action

In case you didn’t notice, this isn’t drawn by me.  Between waxing workplace woes, rising responsibilities rooted in rearing my rowdy runt, and the breakdown and beginnings of burnout, I’m taking a break from drawing this damnable distraction for a duration.

So I put the call out on Twitter for anybody who might want to do a stint as the artist for Apple Valley… stepping into the fray for the time being is George Ward, the author and artist behind Dungeon Legacy.  I know his style isn’t the same as mine – he’s more “Regular Show” while I’m much more “Powerpuff Girls” (on my best day) – but I think it’s interesting to get other people’s inputs on style and design.  Plus, he’s a lot better at action than I am, so there might be some actual “fight” in the upcoming fight instead of just a bunch of characters standing around bitching at one another (my ORIGINAL plan).

Please welcome George with the same indifference and apathy that I’ve come to expect from my readers for my own work.

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