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Gorilla vs Guerrilla

I’d like to point out that from Erik’s perspective, he’s getting a flashback… about the future of his present … while in his present’s past… from a person both from the past-past and the future-future, as well as possibly the future-past and past-future.

The next sound you hear will be Erki’s brain sloshing out of his head.

I was going to try and deal with the telling of the Mysterious Stranger’s story in the bottom three panels the same way I was handling the original timeline, but it just wasn’t working out pacing-wise and so… WALL OF TEXT ATTACK.

2 Responses to “Gorilla vs Guerrilla”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Smithee, Adam Smithee and jess, Walter Shuler. Walter Shuler said: RT @kallisti_x: Apple Valley updated… Erik is milking the Mysterious Stranger for info about the future – […]

  2. […] track, all… both… of you, you’ll note an important change or three here.  Back here, we see the “original timeline” team going off to their deaths… that’s all […]

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