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The King in Yellow

I originally drew this as a bit of… conceptual art, I guess… I wanted to show how Art’s jacket opened up, where The Sigil was hiding (on his t-shirt), and what the power of the symbol might look like if it was allowed to actually come out freely instead of Art holding it all in.

The name “The King in Yellow” refers to a book of short stories written over 100 years ago.  The book centers around a play, also titled The King in Yellow, which is known to drive those who read it mad and appears to tell the story of the decline and fall of some alien – possibly supernatural – civilization.  Much of the book and it’s related works inspired Lovecraft, and later were inducted into the overall Cthulhu mythos by the subsequent reuse of several names, now assosciated with Elder Gods and ancient, far-away lands.  The King in Yellow may be an avatar of Hastur and is related closely to The Yellow Sign – both of which make their retroactive inclusion on the Apple of Discord’s mythos (which already includes several Cthulian references) a natural… especially since Art is a descendant of King Arthur (not that that makes him particularly unique – there were a lot of descendants).

It’s worth noting that in the play The King in Yellow, the “King” in question appears at a masquerade ball and is charged at the appropriate hour with removing the “Pallid Mask” he is wearing, only to reveal that he is not actually wearing a mask, that the face they see is his own.  If you don’t get how that applies, re-read the previous comic and prepare to have your mind blown wide open.

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