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So the truth finally comes out – in more ways than one.

The truth is that when we started the abrupt shift in story a couple months back (leaving Fletcher, Steve and Mina here and suddenly jumping to Arthur 10 years ago here) the two things were in fact, one in the same.  Mina’s mind manipulator allowed Fletcher and Steve to enter Art’s brain.  But, instead of finding themselves in (as Fletcher put it) a Uwe Boll-inspired nightmare from which there was no escape, they found themselves passive observers to Arthur’s fondest memory – how he met Leaf. 

The truth is also that Steve realizes now how little he actually knows about those around him.  Steve never quite knew why he wound up in a coma (the cause, Super Mario Bros the Movie, was known, but not the reason behind it) until know.

Also, Steve knew something had gone wrong with the world during his extended nap (Art and Leaf had given him the short, short version the first time he ever saw a goblin) but never knew the full implications.  To be fair, the “multiple worlds collapsing in on themselves” thing isn’t something Art and Leaf have shared with a lot of people.

One more comic to wrap up this arc, and then we’re back to Leaf and Gabbie!  Promise.

2 Responses to “Revelations”

  1. Uwe Boll? Must you speak his name even in jest?


  2. Don’t worry, we’re about one comic away from ever having to say Uwe Boll again… unless, of course, it’s in the framework of “Uwe Boll stabbed repeatedly by a group of actors who’s careers he destroyed by putting them in his movies”. Then we’ll say that lots.

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