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Shut Up, Beverly!

February 28, 2011No Comments

Another “slice-of-life” style comic. I’m not sure why I’m compelled to do these… exactly… but I feel better for doing them, as if I’ve been webcomic vitamin deficient on this sort of thing lately and now I’ve got cravings. This is also totally based on a true event that actually took place… which anybody who […]

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Asylum Films

February 26, 20111 Comment

Trying something new today.  A little “slice of life” action.  There may be more of these, so I’d really like feedback… not that anybody ever actually comments anyway, but still.

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Leaf’s Outfit

December 22, 2010No Comments

Day three of our Mailbag Follies continues to trudge on… this time, a detailed breakdown of Leaf’s outfits.

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Ever since splitting Apple Valley off from The Apple of Discord, I’ve missed doing “the couch scene” with Art and Leaf.  They’re just so good at it.  So, in honor of the holidays, and in keeping with last year’s similar comic, once again we revisit my tradition of forcing myself to watch the Star Wars […]

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Yup.  I’m infected.

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Back at Penguicon earlier this year I saw Alex Heberling had a cute cutout paper “action figure” thingy of a character from her old comic, Garanos.   She said the template came from this thing called Cubeecraft – I have since tried my own hand at making a couple of Cubee versions of my own characters, with limited… […]

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Hey all, I was really sick earlier this week (super high hallucination-inducing fever, weakness, insomnia, absence of never-ending hunger gnawing away at my soul) and I am more than a bit behind on comics.  I had to skip Wednesday’s character sheet, and alas there is no comic for today… but, here’s a picture of Steve […]

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Just a neat little bit of self-issued fan art featuring a different take on Arthur

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May 27, 2010No Comments

Art has a legitimate question.

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And here ends the “Apple of Discord” portion of our programming.  Occasional one-off comics are still included, but at about this point Apple Valley was officially established as an entirely separate entity that shared a website – and eventually broke away from –

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As promised, a full comic today instead of a sketch thanks to the person who bid on the Gayzilla shirt for the big auction last week.

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And yes, in case you’re wondering, in the last panel there that is indeed Mr. Hal Servo who will be joining the secondary/tertiary cast from now on.

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