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Shut Up, Beverly!

February 28, 2011No Comments

Another “slice-of-life” style comic. I’m not sure why I’m compelled to do these… exactly… but I feel better for doing them, as if I’ve been webcomic vitamin deficient on this sort of thing lately and now I’ve got cravings. This is also totally based on a true event that actually took place… which anybody who [...]

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Asylum Films

February 26, 20111 Comment

Trying something new today.  A little “slice of life” action.  There may be more of these, so I’d really like feedback… not that anybody ever actually comments anyway, but still.

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Yup.  I’m infected.

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Back at Penguicon earlier this year I saw Alex Heberling had a cute cutout paper “action figure” thingy of a character from her old comic, Garanos.   She said the template came from this thing called Cubeecraft – I have since tried my own hand at making a couple of Cubee versions of my own characters, with limited… [...]

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